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The Decline in Infrastructure Projects in NSW and VIC

Electricity transmission towers

With the recent decline in infrastructure projects in NSW and VIC, there has never been a better time to relocate to the Sunshine State where growth and development are flourishing.

The infrastructure landscape in NSW and VIC is uncertain with the NSW premier declaring that “a range of infrastructure projects will be put on ice” and in a similar cost cutting exercise the VIC government has also signalled their level of concern for the teetering construction sector.

However with every challenge there is opportunity and 4020 Consult are all about presenting the best possibilities for you and your career. Here is why now is the best time to move to QLD:

Increased Infrastructure Opportunities

Our clients in QLD are actively seeking your skil

ls for current and upcoming infrastructure projects. The Olympics 2032 and Queensland’s Energy Transition are supercharging the industry in Queensland creating amazing opportunities. The vacancy rate for Engineers has increased by 36% in the last 12 months and 25% of all employers intended to increase the number of contracted engineers in the next year.

2032 Olympic Games

With less than 9 years to go, the Olympic related projects are ramping up and we are proud to be involved in some exciting city shaping venue and stadium projects. Ensuring the legacy the Olympics creates for future generations with practical, community centric developments is of paramount importance. 4020 Consult have recently placed Project Managers on the first Olympic Venue project, the Victoria Park/Barrambin project (Equestrian & BMX), and we will soon commence work on the new Redland Whitewater Centre - another unique and beautiful event venue.

Rail Infrastructure

The Queensland Government has committed to 45-minute commute times from the key areas outside of Brisbane i.e. Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. To facilitate this there are major brown and greenfield Rail Infrastructure projects all to be completed prior to the commencement of the 2032 Olympics. 4020 Consult are placing candidates with Gold Coast

Light Rail Stage 3, Cross River Rail, Beerburrum to Nambour and the soon to commence Logan Gold Coast Faster Rail. 4020 Consult have recently placed Project Directors, Commercial Managers, Design Managers and Project Engineers onto these Rail projects.

Bulk Water Infrastructure

Water security and drought resilience are critical for sustaining life and Australia’s primary industries. Dam safety upgrades, network infrastructure along with pumped hydro mega projects have attracted record investment from State and Federal Governments in QLD. Our Water team underpins Government, Advisory & Construction companies with Engineering, Project Controls and Commercial capability through our vast network in Australia.

Energy Transition

The Queensland Government has committed to 80% Renewable Energy targets by 2032. 4020 Consult are working with Government, asset owners, and Construction companies to help deliver some of the largest scale clean energy projects in the world. Resou

rcing for projects like the $14BN Borumba Pumped Hydro project located less than one hour from the Sunshine Coast are a big part of the challenge to achieve our targets. We at 4020 Consult have already placed in Engineering, Project Management, Commercial and Supervisory opportunities in Wind, Solar and Pumped Hydro projects in Queensland.

Work-life Balance

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a healthier work-life balance in areas with less congestion, shorter commutes and more affordable cost of living – which is important especially in the current economic climate.

Investment potential

As QLD regions grow, property values and investment opportunities may increase, offering long-term financial benefits.

4020 Consult was established to provide our clients within the Construction and Engineering sectors with a genuine advantage when it comes to sourcing the best professional resources available. With a clear focus on these critical sectors, 4020 Consult engages in genuine partnerships with a select group of clients to enhance their business and project outcomes. We achieve this through our ability to connect these clients to the highest quality of industry professionals from within our team, extensive networks and the broader community.

Relocating can be a significant decision for

you, but we believe that in QLD the possibilities are endless. All of our client partners would be open to supporting relocation and ensuring a positive “soft landing” in Queensland.

If you’re interested in an opportunity to relocate to sunny QLD, please contact a 4020 Consult Advisor.

Mark Pilkington - Water

Jarrod Borchert - OT and Client side building

Sharon Wood - Civil PMs, COO, CEO, Advisory

Vicky Rilling – Civil PEs and SPEs


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