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  • Nevil Kantesaria

4020 Consult Supports Brian Kerle Basketball and Indigenous Youth Development

4020 Consult is proud to have been a sponsor of Brian Kerle Basketball's recent 3 on 3 Basketball tournament held at the Clem Jones Centre. The event focused on empowering Indigenous youth by providing a platform for them to play, learn, and excel.

Over 300 participants from various backgrounds and locations came together, fostering a strong sense of community, inclusion, and understanding as we approach NAIDOC Week.

4020 Consult is a strong supporter of Brian Kerle and his dedication to working with young people. We admire the academy's emphasis on community, education, health, and promoting an active lifestyle. Youths involved not only hone their basketball skills but also gain qualifications in health and fitness, personal training, refereeing, and coaching. They also receive valuable guidance in navigating life's challenges.

The success of such events relies heavily on the generous support of our network. We extend a sincere thank you to those who joined 4020 Consult in contributing:

  • Joseph Wallace from Multhana

  • Paul Doherty from PD Project Delivery Pty Ltd

  • James Durack from Durack Civil

  • Christopher Bradley from C.M.B Consulting Services PTY LTD

Calling all basketball fans! Get ready for Tamuri Wigness' highly anticipated return next season with the Brisbane Bullets Basketball Club. Once fully recovered, he's primed to make a significant impact on the NBL.

Interested in partnering with Brian and the Academy or supporting future events and initiatives? Reach out to Joel Martin or Brian himself for a conversation.


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